Singer Jony Nagmul is Multilanguage Lyricist Toniest and Vocalist and also Scientist on Sound & Tone and also Inventor of the Musical Twelve Software’s Tune Formula 1. H/DM(s-t)WR , 2. Divine Harmonium, 3. Computerized Musical Timing System 4. Musical Tone, 5. Musical Rhythm , 6. Musical Instruments, 7. Musical Computer Vocal Cord, 8. Pre Singer Vocal Cord , 9. Echo , 10. Perkeition 11. Harmonium Original Sound Software 12. Salable System 13. Vocal Banal Cord Software and 14 Studio Recording System Software .

He is a Famous Bangladeshi singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer. Early 1980s, distinguished by the use of philosophical lyrics, wild personality and powerful performances, he is consider by critics and fans as one of the most iconic and influential frontman ''rock music'' history in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi bands are well popular in Bangladesh as well as in the world Especially young people are the listener of band songs. Almost every bands perform home and abroad. They play heavy metal, Hard rock, Alternative Rock, Soft rock.


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Munshi is Bangladeshi popular and well-known singer who made his debut in the music industry with the blaster hit album 'Tumi Radha' on 30 January 2010. He launched a new era in Bengali musical history with implementing modern and pop musical tone in his solo song.